Meet the Artist

My Art is thought-provoking, and I enjoy making it accessible to all who are captivated by it.
Javier López Cantú

Javi was inspired to start painting in 1997 after some introspection that manifested with a lifelong creative inclination starting at the age of 3 years. He is self-taught, and is most often inspired by the emotional landscape of life.  Painting on canvas was a little seen interest that would occassionally whisper into Javi’s soul.  Though unfamiliar with Academic Art, or the Fine Art world, Javi purchased brushes, canvas, and jars of primary colored acrylic paint… and he was in!   The vibrant art scene of Southtown, in San Antonio is where Javi considers his “apprenticeship” to have started, and shortly after continuing to this day in  Austin.  While travelling, museums and the local galleries are the usual destinations.  (Check out some of his favorite museums.) He works with acrylic, gouache, oil, pastels, as well as digital photography. Javi’s work ranges from colorful abstract works to concentrated commentary. He is an “artist in progress“.

In Austin, Javi’s original works are only available at the Artworkstudio .  The East Austin Studio Tour (E.A.S.T.) every November has become Javi’s annual showcase for new works.  Javi enjoys his “In Studio Pricing” policy in which he sells at the lowest reasonable price he feels he can.  The relationship between the art, the collector, and artist should be one!  This website  has Javi’s works available as : prints, art cards, and originals.  Commissions are accepted on a case-by-case basis.

Javi invites you to come visit the Artworkstudio in person or contact us via email. Chat about what Javi’s working on now. Sip java and talk art with Javi.